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Initial appointment

Your first session begins with a thorough intake and systems review so that I can holistically assess your condition and develop a treatment plan. The rest of the time is for your treatment - a combination of acupuncture, essential oils, and gentle energy/body work. Treatments typically include additional modalities such as cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, infrared heat therapy, electro-acupuncture, ear seeds and herbal recommendations, depending on diagnostic information. As a big believer in food as medicine, I emphasize lifestyle and nutritional/supplement counseling so that healing can continue outside of the treatment room.

1.5 hours

Follow-up visit

Follow-ups are structured around my signature offering of acupuncture, vibrational medicine, essential oils, and some combination of moxibustion and bodywork.  I see only one person at a time, which allows me to be fully present with you and provide unrushed, hands-on care. Treatments always include a check-in on progress, physical/emotional shifts and treatment plan developments. I take an integrative and functional approach, and am informed by TCM, Five Element and classical acupuncture.

1 hour

Bodywork add-on

This is for those craving more extensive bodywork at the end of their treatments. This addition is ideal for back and shoulder tension and includes massage, cupping and gua sha. These modalities break up adhesions, oxygenate tight muscles and support detoxification. 

1.5 hours

Facial add-on

Standard follow-up treatment culminating in a luxurious facial treatment. This add-on includes facial massage, cupping and gua sha for relaxation and cosmetic effects. I recommend this option for those looking for a brightening boost to their skin, as well as anyone experiencing TMJ or tension from teeth clenching/ grinding. Cupping brings fresh blood to the surface and softens muscle tension, while gua sha lifts and sculpts.

1.5 hours

Facial rejuvenation

Facial acupuncture is a cosmetic treatment that reduces the appearance of fine lines; lifts and sculpts; increases circulation; improves skin tone and acne, and results in an overall glow. Treatments include facial acupuncture to promote the production of collagen, and standard body acupuncture to create internal balance and encourage beauty from the inside out. Treatments finish with a facial massage, cupping and gua sha to smooth skin and to relax tight muscles. Effects are achieved after a series of treatments, and there are some contraindications (e.g. pregnancy, high blood pressure) that I can discuss with you individually.

2 hours

Virtual herbal consult

Herbal medicine can offer deeper healing and extend the results of acupuncture treatments. I always recommend herbal consults for those looking for support but are traveling or can't make their in-person appointments. Consults also include lifestyle and nutritional/supplement counseling.

30 minutes

“Flossie creates a safe, peaceful space for thoughtful and effective healing - from which I have experienced improvement with my chronic migraines, digestion, and the regularity of my periods- all of which have been a struggle to treat for years.”
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