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As a long-time acupuncture skeptic, I wasn’t sure what to expect in my first session with Flossie. Now, many sessions later, I’m not sure what I would do without her! Back and shoulder pain I’ve had for a decade have disappeared completely, my sleep is no longer restless, and I can enter her space full of anxiety and in a low mood but leave calm and peaceful. It’s no exaggeration when I say Flossie, her work and endless knowledge, her soothing space, her empathy and sunny disposition have completely changed my life. 1,000/10, would recommend again and again. 

- TS

Flossie is an AMAZING practitioner. She takes the time to understand her patient's ailments, their emotions, and what they are really hoping to achieve. I came to Flossie to help with my anxiety and pain, and I truly feel like a new person. It's just slowed me down so much and given me space to reflect. Coming out of acupuncture with Flossie = I feel euphoric. 

- PG

I constantly recommend Flossie to everyone I know and I recommend her to you! Why? She is an incredible healer. The levity, grace, and compassion she brings to her practice, along with her soothing energy and presence, are beyond what I have experienced with other Eastern (and Western) medicine practitioners, including other acupuncturists. Her approach is truly holistic; she considers all aspects of your life – nothing is too big or small – when developing a treatment plan (which goes beyond acupuncture itself), and she really takes the time to hear you and your needs during each session to help you feel your best and meet your best self. When I first sat down with Flossie, I was experiencing multiple major life changes and had a myriad of health issues, both mental and physical: stress, anxiety, depression, recently diagnosed and untreated ADHD, endocrine disruptors, irregular/disordered menstruation, sluggish digestion and severe bloating, lack of appetite, poor and disrupted sleep, low energy, extreme exhaustion, and muscle tension. As you can imagine, my lifestyle and daily habits were also in shambles. I immediately felt and saw results after that first visit, and I continue to see them as I regularly have sessions with Flossie. I am especially amazed by the progress we’ve made together on regulating my endocrine system and returning my menstruation cycle to normal. She not only tailors our sessions to my immediate needs and longer term goals, but also includes other suggestions that will support my journey which include easy lifestyle changes and herbal supplements. Flossie cares about her clients and together, you work as a team to heal mind, body, and spirit. Her intuition during treatment is incredible to experience and I’m so excited she has begun to incorporate her other talents as a healer by expanding her offerings beyond acupuncture. I really cannot say enough about the good Flossie brings to the world – just go see her. 

- KD

I could not recommend Flossie more highly. I feel very comfortable telling her everything- about varied health conditions I experience, and she always listens deeply, without judgment, and responds with curiosity, immense kindness and knowledge of Chinese medicine and the body. Flossie creates a safe, peaceful space for thoughtful and effective healing - from which I have experienced improvement with my chronic migraines, digestion, and the regularity of my periods- all of which have been a struggle to treat for years. Very grateful for Flossie’s practice in my life! 

- WJ

I have been to other acupuncturists and holistic healers, but when I see Flossie, I feel immediately as though I've entered an empathetic cocoon of healing and caring. That ability she gives you to relax and feel supported is the first step to the healing. Flossie treated me for plantar fasciitis in my right heel, then for acid reflux and post-covid congestion. She is intuitive but also eager for feedback and uses that in a practical way to get results. 

- RD

Flossie has been treating me for several months now for a leg injury that I have had for years, and I couldn't be happier with the results. On our first session, Flossie really took the time to listen to what was wrong with me and really build a very personalized plan to help me get back on my feet. Additionally to my chronic injury, she has helped me a great deal with anxiety and stress related issues. I would definitely recommend Flossie to friends and family, I know they're in great hands. 

- MF

I love working with Flossie. I'm very sensitive and particular about how I like my acupuncture treatments, and Flossie has never made me feel awkward for making requests and has always accommodated whatever I've needed to feel comfortable. I've seen her in two locations, and both were quiet, clean, and cozy. She is very knowledgeable and kind, I leave her sessions feeling rested, and weekly acupuncture with Flossie has become a staple of my wellness routine.

- AG

I had an absolutely incredible experience. Flossie is attentive, knowledgeable, and nurturing, and I will absolutely be returning. Once I arrived at her office, I only waited about 2 minutes (in a beautifully meditative waiting area) before Flossie came to greet me and guide us to the treatment room. The treatment room had soft, warm lights and a calming scent. Flossie asked a lot of questions about why I was seeking acupuncture, my concerns, and my history. She was affirming, nurturing, and all-around awesome. During the treatment, she continuously asked for consent and kept me informed about what she was doing. At the end of my consultation, she gave me a little note with some individualized suggestions for self-care. The entire experience was delightful. Work with her!! 

- AS

Flossie is a healer I feel lucky to have found at a critical time for my mental and physical health. When I started treatment with her, I was in crisis struggling to treat symptoms of complex PTSD and depression with medication and talk therapy. She tuned into my needs with her treatment and created a warm and nourishing space for healing. Within weeks, I saw huge improvements in my anxiety levels and my sleep has improved tremendously. She helped me turn a corner with her treatment and fostered hope in me that I would come out the other end. She also guided me through my subsequent diagnosis of PCOS and is skillfully treating me for its symptoms. Acupuncture has been a critical part of my healing and successfully tapering off of my medication. I would recommend anyone reach out to Flossie if they have a physical or mental ailment they are seeking a caring and thoughtful alternative treatment for.

- LR

I don’t write reviews very much but I had to for Flossie. Flossie is an exceptional acupuncturist and herbalist!! I aim to go around every week, and every time I step into her presence, my body instinctively relaxes because it knows some excellent healing is in store!! Flossie has helped me access immediate relief for physical, mental and emotional struggles. I’ve also noticed enduring and cumulative improvement in core areas we’ve worked on together since I’ve started seeing her. Give yourself the gift that is being treated by Flossie! She is extremely talented and honestly just a joy to be around. 

- MS

I first came to see Flossie for help with managing my stress and anxiety. She was incredibly kind and attentive, while also being professional and knowledgeable in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I left every treatment feeling more calm and connected. She's also helped me with my recurring headaches. I am forever grateful for her sweetness and compassion, and would certainly recommend her to my friends and family. 

- MJ

Flossie’s warm and kind personality made her added benefit to my therapy. All her advice was precise and given with a smile. Her expertise at applying the needles was amazing. I came in with a severe case of psoriasis, joint tightness and diarrhea. The psoriasis is much better, I’m no longer tight and the diarrhea is gone. Overall I feel much better and look forward to treatments. I would recommend her and have already. 

- CG

Flossie is a kind, patient and intuitive healer. She carefully listens to your concerns and comes up with creative treatments to help bring the mind and body back into balance. She skillfully breaks down the complexities of TCM in ways that are easy to understand and offers lifestyle tips which enhance your treatments and feelings of wellbeing. I would highly recommend paying her a visit. 

- PB

Flossie is wonderful! She sets the mood in her acupuncture room with calm sounds, smells/scents, and a relaxed but professional attitude towards her patient, etc. She has helped me calm down! Improvements: my bouts with constipation; work on my floaters and cataracts; and skin flare-up (major); as well as immune maintenance/strengthening. Absolutely would recommend her to a friend! 

- FL

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